Working Prototypes

High-fidelity Prototype

A HoloLens application was developed that displayed a hologram of the dermatome mapping, highlighted the dermatome being tested, and iterated to the next dermatome in response to the user verbalizing the status of the dermatome currently being tested with the phrases “note normal” or “note abnormal.”

High-fidelity Prototype Evaluation

Specific responses from the participants (2 medical students from University of Rochester) included the hologram being too large and positioned too far away from the user. The user did not have the ability to resize or reposition the hologram. Text labels of the different dermatome levels were also hard to read. In addition, the speech-to-text system would not consistently recognize commands and required users to repeat themselves with increasing volume.

Scoring by the participants on the High-fidelity Prototype is as following:

Improved High-fidelity Prototype

Based on the users’ feedbacks from the High-fidelity Prototype, more design features are added in the high fidelity prototype.

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