Making Physical Examinations More 

Accessible and Approachable

A Group of University of Rochester Students
Chester Szeen


Chester Szeen is a 2nd year MS in Data Science student, with a background in business. He became interested in the course after experience VR/AR games like Pokemon Go. In his free time, he likes to sing and practice martial arts.

Jesse Wang


Jesse Wang is a 4th year MD/PhD student (2nd year in the Translational Biomedical Sciences department) who is interested in developing AR applications for facilitating real-time clinical diagnoses. He is originally from Westford, MA. One thing that makes him human is that he can ride a unicycle.


May Shin Lyan

May Shin Lyan is a junior majoring in CS and Business. She is passionate to learn about how AR and VR could play a role in the near future of the tech industry and entrepreneurship. She likes peace and collecting magnet souvenirs.

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