Making Physical Examinations More 

Accessible and Approachable

What is Cauliflower AR?

Cauliflower AR is a mixed-reality (MR) application for the Microsoft HoloLens, used to guide the clinician through the neural exam and and interpret the exam findings.


The scope of our application is currently limited to dermatome testing.

The Team

A Group of University of Rochester Students
Chester Szeen


Chester Szeen is a 2nd year MS in Data Science student, with a background in business. He became interested in the course after experience VR/AR games like Pokemon Go. In his free time, he likes to sing and practice martial arts.

Jesse Wang


Jesse Wang is a 4th year MD/PhD student (2nd year in the Translational Biomedical Sciences department) who is interested in developing AR applications for facilitating real-time clinical diagnoses. He is originally from Westford, MA. One thing that makes him human is that he can ride a unicycle.


May Shin Lyan

May Shin Lyan is a junior majoring in CS and Business. She is passionate to learn about how AR and VR could play a role in the near future of the tech industry and entrepreneurship. She likes peace and collecting magnet souvenirs.

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